Free TRAVEL FilmMaking Course

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Over the course of April, Vivienne and I went to capture the beauty of Japan. In collaboration with Zeiss, we shot a dedicated travel film exclusively with the Batis Lenses along with a series of educational videos on travel cinematography. Our journey and ambition took us to various parts of the country including: Tokyo, Kyoto, Yoshino, Nikko, & Takayama. Through visiting each location, it was apparent to us that Japan has a strong blend of Traditional, Modern, and Futuristic imagery as shown in our film. Our month long experience was truly unforgettable. We hope this film has inspired you to visit Japan and to shoot something epic the next time you travel!


Filmmaking Courses

Part 1: Camera & Lenses For Travel Videos

In Part 1, we cover all of the cameras, lenses, and accessories that we recommend for creating travel films. This video showcases everything you’ll need to make an amazing epic film!

Part 2: Mastering Sony Autofocus

In Part 2, we will teach you how to unlock the powerful features of your Sony camera and how to master their fast and precise autofocusing system!

Part 3: best cinematic settings

In Part 3, we provide the best cinematic settings for your cameras. These settings will help you to easily capture and take your next travel film to the next level.

Part 4: Gimbal Starter Guide

In the final part of our travel film series, we go over the powerhouse tool for travel filmmaking. We go over tips and tricks on how to master the gimbal to produce cinematic videos.